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We have arrived. Two installations are in progress as you read this. Earthbound Moon is proud to be supporting Scott Oliver in Rio del Oro, NM and Travis Somerville in Moriarty, NM. Both artists will be installing permanent works on their respective sites. Find out more about our artists, Scott Oliver and Travis Somerville and their work.

Rainbow Warriors : Travis Somerville

Rainbow Warriors is a permanent installation by Travis Somerville that will use light and the surrounding atmosphere to create high desert apparitions at night. The self-contained solar powered project will project a rainbow light upward from the earth, appearing and disappearing as dust, rain, snow and other particulate matter flow through the air.

A New Horizon : Scott Oliver

A site-specific, cast concrete, sculpture, 7 large letters cast from local aggregate materials and made from the ground on which it rests, A New Horizon is literally part of the landscape. An event is planned on-site at the completion of the installation on October 19. Desert Dumbballs & Llano Stories is "a hybrid of contemporary Chautauqua and sculptural performance." The event will include performances and presentations that exploring the project site and its surroundings.

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What we are

Earthbound Moon creates publicly accessible contemporary sculpture by international artists in communities around the world. These artworks create a web of gathering places, sites of curiosity and engagement and wonder on a local and global scale. They function as a reminder, and a statement, that when we build and rebuild communities, alongside their commercial and financial needs we must also nurture their creative, spiritual, artistic, romantic and leisure needs.

Future Locations

    Confirmed for 2013:

  • Moriarty, New Mexico, USA
  • Rio del Oro, New Mexico, USA
  • Confirmed for 2014:

  • Chania, Crete, Greece
  • Pacific Ocean install
  • Pending for 2014:

  • Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Pending for 2015:

  • Moffat, Colorado, USA
  • Greenland, New Hampshire, USA
  • Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

Follow Our Progress
  • We wish you could be at every installation with us, but as many of you cannot, we are posting fast and furious on our Earthbound Moon Blog.

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